How To Wash And Maintain Quilt Made Of 5 Different Materials


1. Polyester Fiber Quilt

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Polyester fiber quilt can be placed in washing machine and washed with neutral detergent or soap powder.

Wash and dehydrate with weak rotation of washing machine. Get it in the sun regularly.

2.Cotton Quilt

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Cotton quilts should be dried and aired more often. They should be shaken more when free. They SHOULD NOT be washed with water.

If there is yellow spot, it indicates that bacteria or insects have grown, it is better to discard it. When airing, it's better to make quilt reverse side face the sun, one is to protect the material of the quilt, the other is to let the quilt directly touch the sun to get the best airing effect.

If you consider that there is too much dust falling, you are used to put the quilt face out. You should cover the quilt with a thin cloth to protect the quilt, especially the microfiber fabric quilt/ polyester fabric quilt, from being burnt at high temperature.

3.Silk Quilt

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Silk quilt CAN NOT be washed with water. If necessary, wipe the dirty part with water. It can be sent for dry cleaning and can't accept sunlight, because the silk protein will deteriorate due to the influence of ultraviolet, which shortens the fiber's life. In case of wet conditions, place in a cool and well ventilated place and air dry naturally. 

Shaking the silk quilt vigorously every week to restore the elasticity of the inner fiber of the quilt. It can also extend its service life if it is regularly placed in a ventilated place for drying, or it is maintained by the weak sunshine in the morning and afternoon.

4.Down Quilt

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It is best to choose a dry cleaning shop with good equipment when sending for cleaning. Usually, when the humidity is heavy, it can be spread on the bed and dehumidified with a dehumidifier. Generally, the down quilt can be washed with neutral detergent or soap powder, but if not handled properly, it is easy to damage the service life, so it is recommended to send dry cleaning once every 3-5 years.

To place it in the ventilated place for about two weeks to dry in the shade. Do not expose it in the hot sun, or cover the sheet on the batt and then dry it.

5.Wool Quilt

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The wool will shrink, so it can't be washed to avoid the batt deformation. The cleaning method needs to be sent to dry cleaning. It should be dried irregularly and put in a well ventilated place but not exposed to the sun. It is better to take 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to achieve the effect of dehumidification and disinfection, and also extend the service life.

Putting insect repellent into the quilt after it is cool, and the method of storing wool quilt in a dry place is very simple: after sunlight, shake it slightly in the air circulation place, put it in the original packaging bag after it is cool, and put it in a cool and dry place.