3 General Ways To Print Microfiber Fabric For Quilt/ Bedspread/ Comforter/ Coverlet / Colchas Bouti


At present, our main printing methods are pigment print and disperse print. For pigment print, it is recommended to use fabrics below 75gsm and disperse printing for fabrics above 75gsm.

Because pigment printing is relatively poor in printing effect, hand feel and color fastness to washing, it is lower grade.

If it is used for fabrics above 75gsm, it seems that some are not suitable, it is better to choose disperse printing. Of course, there are also some customers will use pigment printing on 75gsm fabric, because the price is relatively cheaper! Customers can choose according to their needs !

It is not recommended to use digital printing for large batch orders, because the price is too high!

Different from traditional printing, its basic principle is the same as that of ink-jet printer, so it is not limited by the quantity, but the price is much higher. So it is usually used for sample or small batch orders.